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PS4 and Xbox One combined sales will reach 30 million units by March 2015, Ubisoft says



By March 2015, combined PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sales will reach 30 million units, according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. He gave the figure today during a post-earnings financial call.

Right now, the combined install base of the PS4 and Xbox One is somewhere around 10 million units. Sony has sold 7 million PS4s, while Microsoft officially sold 3 million Xbox Ones by the end of 2013. Microsoft has not shared a new worldwide sales figure for the platform so far in 2014, but the system sold 115,000 units in April in the US alone, so the number is actually north of 3 million.




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Well Ubisoft is very bullish on the new consoles.

Not to say that number is impossible.

As the consoles finally start churning out next gen games, more and more users will be moving to the ps4 and X1. Plus by this fall and early next year, you will be seeing a sizable jump in sales thanks to the next group of gamers that get ready to move up from their 360/ps3. Those are the gamers that usually wait a year or so before buying any new console or those that had to slowly save up to get one. Then you have those that already bought one at launch and then have saved up to get the other one (i.e. the multiplatform gamers)

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