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neufuse    4,252

Well a bit of an update on this screen... 


It worked PERFECTLY until this week, LG issued a WebOS / Firmware update for the tv... after that firmware update all four HDMI ports no longer work, plug anything into it and all you get is "NO SIGNAL" (firmware now > version 5.0 afro-ashley)


The bad news is LG doesn't have a simple way to revert to an old firmware...


Someone actually created a tool to trick the TV to download, but you have to run your PC as a DNS server and an appache web server and force it to use your PC as it's DNS server... pain in the butt, but after reverting to an older firmware the ports work again...



and after reading a lot of LG forums trying to figure this issue out, turns out LG has a history of bricking HDMI ports with firmware updates after a device goes out of warranty after the time it was last discontinued... so guess I hit that 1yr after being discontinued point so hey lets brick your HDMI...

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