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So I'm starting a new project of getting IP cameras in my home to record entry/exit events and correlate them with timestamps/pictures and then also a rolling DVR function as well.


Does anybody know what software works well in the Microsoft world? I just want something well integrated, and something I can use with my phone as well on an as-needed basis.



Thanks for any help!

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You might like to have a look at the IP camera FTP service I'm currently beta testing:

It provides a remote viewing and storage solution for IP cameras

Your cameras will need the ability to FTP images

Should work from any deveice that can browse the Internet.


Check out the demo or create an account at https://app.comsci.co.uk/CamAlert (currently free during testing)

  • Simple easy to use interface
  • Your data is safe and secure. (Encrypted via HTTPS and FTPS)
  • Access from anywhere with Internet and a browser.
  • No router configuration required.
  • No static IP or dynamic proxy requirements.
  • No vulnerabilities from open network ports
  • No software or plugins to install
  • No DVR video recorder required.
  • Data is preserved in the event of camera theft, damage or power disconnection
  • Performs better than other remote viewing solutions where bandwidth is limited (E.g. poor wireless or mobile signal)
  • Cheaper than the cost of electricity required to power a recorder. (Currently FREE!)

Currently each account supports only one 'view'. Multiple cameras linked to the same account should work but the events will become merged if they happen to get triggered at the same time.


Best regards,


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