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Issue creating Mandatory profile in Windows 8.1 Ent U1

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Jared-    575

Hey guys, 


I need some thoughts on an issue I'm having. 


I'm working with a client on deploying Windows 8.1 Ent U1 (SCCM 2012 deployment\install.wim from W81 Ent U1 media\currently have Win7) in their environment. Requirement is they need to use roaming profiles (no stranger to roaming profiles\folder redirection). However this is the first time I'm having to set up the mandatory profile to be used for the new profiles (.v3 Win7 clients > .v4 Win8.1 clients). 


I customised the default profile with the changes I needed to make and I've ran sysprep with the CopyProfile value using an unattended file. Default profile is working no issues when I've completed the OOBE. Once logged in I do the Copy To of the Default Profile to a location and renamed it to Default.v4. No problems so far.


I've gone to rename the ntuser.dat file to so I can beam it up to the roaming profiles share on the file server. This is where I've got the problem - I can't find the ntuser.dat file inside any of the folders inside Default.v4. I've made sure I'm not going crazy and I've unhidden files, but still I can't find it. Strange. 


I did a search for ntuser.dat files on the system and the search came up with nothing. I even did a C:\> dir /s ntuser.dat and it found nothing!


I also tried running regedit File > Load Hive > pointed it to the Default.v4 to see if it'd recognise anything, but it didn't find anything.


Never had this problem when creating mandatory profiles.v3\.v2






Edit: I've thought of maybe pushing out the Default.v4 folder to overwrite the Default folder from the install.wim media via the task sequence when the PC is imaging. However I'd like to stay away from changing to much of the windows installation as the use of GPOs\roaming profiles\folder redirection\mandatory profile take care of all that (existing infrastructure is already in place and in production with Win7 clients). 


Edit 2: I was thinking if someone could spin up a new VM and do a fresh install, and see if they can also replicate the issue I'm having. 


Steps I did were:


- New VM

- Fresh install of Win 8.1 Ent U1 using VLSC media.

- Create new user and make the changes I needed

- Ran sysprep /generalize /oobe /restart /unattend:CopyProfile.xml (made with WADK tools).

- Rebooted VM and completed OOBE

- Logged in and confirmed default profile is applied correctly (2 thumbs up aaaayyyy).

- System > Advanced > User Profiles > Select Default Profile > Copy To > C:\Default.v4

- See if you can find ntuser.dat


I can't!


Edit 3: lol cheers Microsoft.

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Jared-    575

Completely stumped!

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