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Some SharePoint (2013) questions

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Hi all.


I am using a SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Wiki to try and help document my network infrastructure.


In the Enterprise Wiki there are a number of Wiki Page Libraries (WPLs).


For instance, one WPL is for my servers, whilst another is for my routers.


When I create a new wiki page in either of these libraries, it is empty. (Expected default behaviour).


Is there a way to build a wiki page template for a wiki page library? So if I went to my Servers WPL and clicked "new Wiki page" it would already have a bunch of text in like


Server name:

Server domain:

Server IP:



I am fed up of typing this information in over and over. It would be nice to have this text automatically appear so I could concentrate on putting the right information in rather than having to remake the document structure from scratch before populating it with the information I want to record.


Thanks for reading.

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