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Corporate project management software

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A company I've been doing some work for is after software (preferably web-based) to keep track of the entire company (consisting of about 30 people) better. The company consists of admin staff, technicians (workshop staff), and of course, managers.


Currently task/project management has just been done via email (which can become a real mess).


The software should feature time tracking capability. (Time tracking) software is installed on each company PC at present, however it's standalone (doesn't communicate to any central database), so employers have to approach employees directly to see how they've been managing their time (and half the organization doesn't tend to fill it out anyway).


Project management features are also essential (ie. add tasks/projects, assign them to people or a team, logging hours spent on them). The company did try qdPM (, however it wasn't quite up to their standards (not that user-friendly).


I'd like to know what software the company you work for (or own) use. I'm sure I saw a post about this sometime ago, but can't seem to track it down. Something that's free or low-cost (ie. under $100 a month) and that could be installed on the companies network (for internal access only/privacy reasons) is highly preferred.


Thanks in advance.

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I think Spiceworks has this feature - but I may be getting it confused with something that looks similar

MS Project Pro too much ?

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