Neowin Official Fantasy Football League: 2014 Edition

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Gents & Ladies,


It's that time of year again.  Keeping it short and sweet, here are the details:


Who?:  Yahoo Fantasy Football


When?:  Sunday, August 31st @ 7:00pm EST (as of right now)

How?:  Password:  neowin

What?:  It's Fantasy Football, need I say more?



There will be returning teams so for the moment I won't expand the league size until those teams have had a chance to join.  After a week or so I'll remove the invites so anyone who wants in can join us.


Any questions post here or the league board (probably be looking at the league board more)



Good Luck!



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Great draft! I had the worst "draft report card" in the league, but that's nothing new. What can I say, I'm a risk-taker. Let's hope it works out as well this year as last year :D


Thanks RavNous for hosting again this year, and good luck to everyone! Except when you're playing me :D


(also, I fixed the typo in the title. you're welcome.)

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I missed the original draft and end up getting Ray Rice, which blows.  Then I found a solid RB in Mark Ingram but now he's out for a month.  


Injuries blow.  

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