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Wireless network connectivity issue

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cbrookhart    6

Over the past two days, my wireless network has randomly been losing connectivity for no apparent reason. Due to the configuration of my apartment, I need to have two wireless routers - 1 in my office space and 1 in my living room. I am connected to the wireless network in my living room and am sitting very near the router. Both routers are netgear, so I have the netgear genie software installed. The netgear genie software keeps displaying a message that the internet is disconnected. I go into the office area and see that the other router and my cable modem are online, so I am not understanding what is causing the WiFi to disconnect.


The first time this happened, the computer lost WiFi connectivity and came back. The second time this happened, the computer lost WiFi connectivity and came back with a limited connection (connected to the wireless, but no network access). I had to disconnect from the wireless network and reconnect again.

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+BudMan    2,921

I question the need of 2 wireless routers in an apartment - unless its maybe just very wifi busy? And you wouldn't use the second one as a router, you would just use it as accesspoint. is this what your doing?

To be honest you have given us nothing to work with other than something happened and you were disconnected. Netgear genie telling you internet is disconnected -- does that mean you can still access the wireless router interface and your isp connectivity has been lost. Or that you can not connect to the wifi network?

So we need some actual info to figure out what might be the problem. For starters how do you have this 2nd router setup. Did you configure it as an AP and connect it to your first router with a wire - are you using it in repeater/extender mode?

When your computer says loss internet - can you ping the routers IP? etc.

What kind of wifi do you have in the area, can show us the signal strength and number of other wifi in your area - what channels are they running on, etc.

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