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3 minutes 50 seconds in. Should put a smile on the faces of a few people around on NW. Just goes to show the service is still being finalized.


Personally I doubt I'll ever use it, slow internet and I'd much rather own the majority of my content. PS+ is the exception to that rule, but I don't mind having one subscription running for a few ?.

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I would use it if the price was reasonable and could dip in and out as I like.

I'm not too hung up on owning games, a lot of them I tend to play and chuck on eBay anyway unless they're really special (hence keeping hold of TLOU R for a long time to come).

I think a lot of games have a good single playthrough in them and then move on so a sub could work well.

Saying that it would have to be something along the lines if Netflix level pricing for me to want to bother. We are only talking about last gen games after all.

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And the shoe drops.

Well I don't think its much of a surprise that Sony is pursuing this. Its a natural step for PS Now.

Now I wait to see what the details are. I'm open to such a service if there is content I want a price that is cheaper than outright buying the games. It has to be a fairly good discount though.

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