Nokia Lumia 710 to 635 (Good choice)?

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Just got my dad a Nokia Lumia 635 on Best Buy today. I hope I get it before Friday. My dad is certainly using the Lumia 710 by T-Mobile. It was the first Lumia phone for T-Mobile. He like the OS which is why I got the Lumia 635. Well, I have a $50 reward from Best Buy and with an online $10 off over $100 order, the phone comes out to the $75 with taxes. Pretty good deal. Do you think its a good phone from 710 to 635?


Didn't know it didn't have a camera button which is a downside but my dad don't take much photos on the 710 anyway.

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The 635 is tons better than the 710. Off the bat, WP 8.1 will be a very nice upgrade compared to WP 7.8. The 635 should be a bit faster than the 710, as well, due to the quad-core processor. I actually just picked up the 635 the other day to play around with, and it's a nice phone. I like it better than my 520.

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Does he care about having a camera flash for taking photos? Does he use it as a torch? 635 lacks a flash.


Does he use the 710 for navigation, while walking or driving? 635 lacks a magnetometer (compass) but I don't know how big of a difference that might make, honestly.


In all other aspects, it's a much better phone.


You can also compare them here in detail:

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If it fits your budget, it is a good phone (certainly a lot better than any Android in that range). If you don't mind spending much, I would recommend going for something like a 1320 (too big?) or a 730 (whenever it launches next month).

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