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GPU fan questions on GTX 460 reference design

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+Zlip792    463

Hi folks,


Well, I got myself it trouble due to me being living in dusty area, my GPU Cooler started to roar, cleaning does not seems to fix it and neither does its under warranty, so only option for me is look for third party after market cooler or go for some fan replacement from newegg (since I manage to find certain items I like). Just to mention, cheaper thing would be good to go since newegg does not ship directly to my country and neither does my relative live outside of country (not close and *good* ones). Now just get back to the point:

I own following linked GPU:







So question is:

- Could someone tell me what could be the size of this GPU Cooler? 92 mm or 70 mm etc..

- Any ebay similar item which I can go for, no first hand or thirty hand experience with ebay so help would be appreciated.

- I like to avoid third party GPU cooler as well since GTX 460 and GTX 460 SE (Second Edition - I guess) are different and only latter one is mentioned on GPU support. If anyone can shed more light on this matter will be appreciated as well.



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+Zlip792    463

It's possible you could fix this yourself with some fine machine oil like sewing machine oil. Disassemble the fan and inject a drop in the ball-bearing cavity. See (outdated, but might still work for newer fans?).


I actually first thought to did this but there is no cavity on back side of the fan, do I have to make a hole in there myself?

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