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Cloud storage with direct link to MP3

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Nefarious Trigger    6,986



I DJ, and sometimes produce little mixes and mashups.  I used to host these on my personal blog, but it's made me come very close to going over bandwidth allowance a few times.


The theme I use allows direct linking to an MP3 to play within the blog, so can anyone recommend a cloud storage that allows this?


Soundcloud doesn't, neither does DropBox it seems.



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+BudMan    2,921

I don't know of any cloud storage that even if direct link would allow for unlimited bandwidth.

Where are you hosting your blog, are you paying for it or something free. There are plenty of hosts where you can get "unlimited" bandwidth.

But I just checked and if I put a file up on dropbox in the public folder got the link - you can hit that link in a browser and the mp3 plays.

https://dl. dropboxusercontent .com/u/ 34<snipped>60 /test.mp3


So not sure why that wouldn't work for you in your blog.. But again dropbox is not going to let you serve up that file "unlimited", etc.

Had to break up that url or it turned in a player image.

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Anibal P    2,014

I'd just use Soundcloud and their player on the site, I know you can download from the Soundcloud site, a few artists do it, and people are used to seeing their player on sites


This shows how to embed the player:

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