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Graphics problem when switching users (Windows 8.1)

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Darkstar Industries    1

Wow, It's been a while since I posted here, so lets give this a try.


Running Windows 8.1 with my GTX 580.

If I ctrl+alt+del and click switch user (doesn't matter if I switch or not), both my screens will go blank for a second, like it is recognising the card again .This causes (in 90% of cases) my desktop icons, widgets and open windows to move about. Either all to screen 1, or swap, so Chrome is on 2 and everything is on 1. It is very infuriating. 


Running latest drivers also. I am unsure if it is Windows doing this, either by design or bug, or if there is an issue with my graphics card, but I have never had a problem with my card before or anywhere else but this. 

The same issue can sometimes happen (albeit rarely), if I run a fullscreen game and quit, the transition back to the desktop will sometimes cause this.


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