To those who have Windows ME installed, Win2000 question you can answe

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Windows ME and 2000 have the Windows Explorer link defaulted to send you to My Documents. I hate that, and when I had Windows ME for a brief period I figured out how to change it. In Windows ME in the command line for the Windows Explorer links there is an arguement of some sort that allows the user to set where Explorer takes you when you click it. Can anyone who uses ME or anyone who knows this arguement help me, it drives me nuts when I try to access a folder in my C drive. Thanks!

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Sure thing. That really annoyed me as well. To fix it just do this...

Right Click on your Exoplorer Icon and click properties.

Type this in the target Box...

C:WindowsExplorer.exe /n, /e, C:

This allows you to go straight to your C: Drive, just like you wanted!

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Yeah thanks for the tip, that was bugging me too. The other option to that is to press Windows Key+E

But can you get the shortcut to go to My Computer where all the drives are? Coz i rarely work on my C Drive

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