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Space Engineers Private "Server" help

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Skiver    1,787

I recently bought Space Engineers However I am having issues trying to setup a "private server" for me and a friend, basically I have a machine setup, one I used to run a Minecraft server on ok via Hamachi and we both connected as if it were a lan game so I saw no reason why it wouldn't work here. Now for some reason I can connect fine but my friend does not see it in his "LAN" list as expected and when I try to invite him he gets an error "server did not respond" or something very similar.


Now the server is not on my local network so without Hamachi I cannot connect to it (Whether I turn off Hamachi at my end or server end the result is the same). So I'm pretty postive the Hamachi side of things is working.


When I setup a local game and then invited him to my session it worked and if he goes to the server browser he can see other online games so I don't see this being a port issue on his side.


Does anyone have any idea's what this could be?

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