window blinds BETA for xp?

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whats the latest window blinds BETA for xp?

anyone know where i can get it

, i also heard there was window blinds 3 doing the rounds as well?

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WBXP is available.... but I think to registered OD users only.

For the latest got to the stardock.windowblinds newsgroup on From there...

> [WB3]'s going to be formally unveiled on September 25 but won't go 1.0 until

> mid October.


> But we expect betas to start showing up in early September. We're pretty

> far along with it as you can imagine (several months of work already on it).

And have a look here for the WB3 whitepaper

Hope this helps :)

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thanks m8 im looking at it now

the question that most people really want to know is, Will there be away to skin or change the apperance of that horrible green start button?

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WBXP sucks!!!!! Don't use it.... it's just the same crap skins that were used with the normal WB verison. There aren't visual styles but 9x skins.... they REALLY look out of place in XP.


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WBXP is at Beta5...It acutally couldn't get it off my system after installing it (not very good - and really slow) - It became an annoyance just resetting everything each time I logged in...Making a custom theme arrangment helped...but still! :p

And while WB3 may be 'making the rounds,' it isn't avaliable through the component manager of object desktop. :( It's at 2.20b.

And I'm kinda ****ed...My object desktop subscription expires on the 10th of october but WB3 (final) won't be out until oct. 16th....ARG!

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I have to say I didnt notice much of a slowdown using windowsblindsXP - unless u do some of the really mad stuff like having seethru windows when using the MacOSX skin.

Also it seems to use basically the same amount of RAM for shell as Luna, and even 'ClassicWindows' (between 18 and 22MB @1024x768 32-bit).

I havent had any stability problems with it tbh, anyway Im pretty sure I read somewhere that the XP shell is WindowsBlinds, much like the CD burner is basically Adaptec/Roxio EasyCD.

This would also explain why there have been so few themes, cos M$ and Stardock are holding back for some Plus! style megapack of full 'themes'.

Anywayz, I might be wrong, but Im sure I read it somewhere,

I would install it anyway :) (and use the Watercolor (whistler) skin - it's sweet, then d/l the 'whistler' style skin for WinAmp :)

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