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FireTV Stick works with XBMC : $39 Stick

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+warwagon    13,203

I just got my Amazon Fire TV Stick and can confirm you can sideload XBMC on it just like the Fire TV. That means you can now get an XBMC stick for $39




Movies stream really fast over the wifi but I am noticing some how XBMC or something is dumbing the quality down.. Now that i look at it it looks like the picture is zooming in. so maybe I gotta calibrate it. Gotta leave now i'll look more into when I get home.



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Max Norris    2,258

Interesting... rather fond of my Chromecast (in conjunction with Plex), but if you can get XBMC right on the stick.. well, I'm game for a $39 experiment (the remote is a nice plus).  Will have to try that.

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