Suikoden III Arrives On PlayStation Network Next Week

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Suikoden and its sequel arrived on PlayStation Network last year, and the third game in the series will be joining the others next week.


Suikoden is highly regarded among JRPG fans, as well as influential game designers like Warren Spector. A few years ago we had Spector on an episode of Replay to chat and play Deus Ex, and he personally picked the original Suikoden as the second segment game to talk about how it influenced him as a designer. You can see that episode by heading here.


When Suikoden III released in 2002, we gave it a 9.5 making it the best reviewed (from Game Informer, at least) entry in the series. The game will be available as part of the PlayStation 2 classics series on PlayStation Network on June 23.


[source: PlayStation Blog]


Our Take
Suikoden is one of those highly regarded, but always hard to track down titles that collectors love. I'm happy to see it is getting a wide release on PlayStation Network.

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