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UEFI Options Missing // Boot Priority

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Berserk87    49

Windows 10 Thread #2940294 :pinch:

I've upgraded my Windows 7 install to Windows 10 and would like to run a clean install and switch my ssd to a gpt. 

I can't get my PC to priorities my usb flash drive though. 

Windows 10 takes over your bios/boot settings with secureboot stuff so you have to access it through windows or the shift+restart at login. but my UEFI option is not there... every screenshot shows it there and its not there on mine. 


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Berserk87    49

Open up a command line with admin permissions and type : bcdedit

Shows that my install is using the normal boot method and not UEFI, which is why its not showing up...

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Berserk87    49

Ok, I've figured everything out and have a clean install of Windows 10. 

I had to plug the flash drive into a usb 2.0 port in the back of my pc and clear the cmos. 

after the cmos cleared it made be go into the bios and I was able to set the usb flash drive as first boot. make sure it shows up as "uefi flash drive" (or something like that) 

after deleting all the partitions on 'drive 0' I selected 'new volume' chose the fourth partition (the primary partition) and windows did the rest. 

http://www.jamesfmackenzie.com/img/posts/File-18-02-2015-21-13-24.jpeg (not mine)

After reinstalling windows both the "use a device" and the  "uefi firmware settings" options show up in the advanced settings menu. 

After the reinstall you can access your bios settings but holding down shift while restarting your computer from the login screen. 

Hopefully this helps someone as im sure there are thousands of people googling windows 10 issues and I know neowin is usually a top result for this stuff. 

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