Windows 10 Mobile restores Old Apps?

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Way back when i had a Lumia 800 running Windows Phone 7.0, i purchased the very first Angry Birds and a few other titles.On Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 i no longer had access to Sonic the Hedgehog Episode I, The original Angry Birds, Uno (Not Uno & Friends) and was also told a few other apps were not compatible with my Lumia 930, despite working with my old phone.

Since i've installed Windows 10 Mobile however, i've been able to download these apps and others, without any issues. Anyone else noticed this?

Oh and on my PC i purchased Temple Run: Brave and since upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile i was able to install this too.


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Jack W

Quite strange - I'd suspect either the Windows 10 Mobile's compatibility check has a bug somewhere, or, the apps are truly compatible now. Have you tried using any of them?

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Yup and these apps worked without issue!

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