Playstation Morpheus now renamed PlayStation VR

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Playstation VR can now operate at 90hz (in addition to 60hz and 120hz)

Now Sony has confirmed that PlayStation VR will have a third, native 90Hz mode. This will offer developers, who want the benefits of faster native rendering, a new middle option for their target framerate.

A representative from Sony working closely with PlayStation VR confirmed to Road to VR that the new 90Hz display mode does not come from a new display, but rather new firmware. The rep told us that they expect the 60Hz rendering + 120Hz reprojection mode to be a “very popular choice,” though the native 90Hz and 120Hz options will be there for developers who want to push the limits; it also affords good headway for future growth as game developers get increasingly adept at optimizing their virtual reality experiences for the PS4.

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You kind of knew it would be like this, but I liked the name Morpheus.

*takes blue pill*

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