T-Lock Call Blocker Version N2 - Block Robocalls, Telemarketers and more.

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T-Lock Call Blocker Version N2 - Block Robocalls, Telemarketers, Nuisance, Charities, Politicans, Unknown, Private, Out-of-Area, Solicitors, Junk Faxes, Scammers, etc.


Some of the features for blocking robo calls and other unwanted numbers:

  • This is the latest version available for this product, released on October 2013.
  • This version fixes bug "LCD does not display caller ID on incoming calls" that affected earlier versions.
  • BONUS: As a special incentive, you will also receive a list of the telephone numbers linked to phone scams and frauds in the US, posted in the Consumer Protection Blog by the Federal Trade Commission, and compiled by HQTelecom.
  • Revised Step-by-Step manual, and complimentary Live Technical Support by HQTelecom.com.
  • Key features include: Blocks up to 1,500 phone numbers in BLACKLIST (up to 16 digits); One-Touch BLACKLIST operation; Block entire area codes (up to 10); Block calls with no caller ID (shown as UNKNOWN, OUT OF AREA, PRIVATE, etc); Block up to 1,500 outgoing phone numbers, prefixes or area codes; Stores most recent 100 incoming and 50 outgoing numbers; LCD Display with 4 brightness levels; Line-powered (no batteries or external power supplies required); Compatible with FSK/DTMF, PSTN landlines, and VOIP services.


Setup took less than 30 seconds as I used the series setup


You can even do a parallel setup with a phone jack splitter:


Ease of installation is easy, simply select the setup you want (splitter NOT included) once connected, a call comes in, if you can get to the blocker while the phone is ringing, simply push the "Blacklist" button to permanently block your calls. This instrument allows for blocking 1,500 unwanted numbers and can install more in a series to increase the number of blocked numbers, e.g, add two in a series for a total of 3,000 up to 3-5 for even more as far as I can tell for up to possible 4,500 numbers. This product received almost 4 stars which is respectable considering robo calls and unwanted solicitors call our phones regularly in my area or from wherever. no batteries needed nor power supply as the power is drawn from the phoneline. thus far seems worth the purchase. its light plastic but seems to have varying reviews based upon peoples expectations. Setup is under 30 seconds in the series installation and the parallel shouldn't be much more difficult if you have the necessary splitters already on hand.


Ease of setup (easy to setup and understand)

power used is from power in the telephone line so no batteries or other power AC adaptors

blocks all numbers if you push "blacklist" button.

you can, if you miss the call, recall caller ID and block from there AFTER you miss the call.

It runs off of most telecom caller ID signals before the call, most caller ID ID's are sent in a signal before the ring however AT&T seems to do it after or during but refer to the caller ID afterwards to block the number

Blocks unknown numbers to thwart caller ID and you can block entire area codes used by telemarketers.

Instructions are so simple a kindergartner could probably install the blocker.


super short telecom cable to go from call blocker to phone, a 3 foot cable would offer some space to move your blocker as needed.


For the time being, I give this a 3.5/5 stars unless I find any problems in the future and I'll update this report/review.

Cost: I paid $39.00US for this and seems thus far to be worth the value to quality is above what I expected. it feels light and plastic but really seem to thwart unwanted robo calls and nuisance calls from telemarketers. no one had been able to get around this system thus far

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