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I think I'm the biggest idiot, Noob, etc.....but what in the H E double hockey stick is Lahrd? :unsure:

Please explain this to my dumb arse. :yes:

I really have no idea. :/

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ok...finally...once and for all.....

Lahrd means....nothing. It is whatever you want it to mean. that's the beauty of Lahrd. Now back to the topic....erm...me.

Cool, thanks for the explanation. I see lots of people out Lahrding around and thought I would see what the hubb bubb was all about.

Good Lahrd to you!!! :punk: (Man, I'm getting good at this)

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' date='Dec 31 2003, 15:11'] Congrats Boog.. you deserve it. I hope to one day be a mod over in the walls/icons/cursors section. :)

*edit: doh! why did I respond? I just lost my 1337ness :( hehehe

Thanks [yt] You will always be 1337 in my book. We gained our 1337n3ss in the same thread. :D

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