Anyone with a lumia 635 (8.1 or 10), can you connect to wifi with a static IP?

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I'm stumped. A feature I would expect to be on any device you can connect to a network, is in 2015, missing from WP on a lumia 635. Apparently it's a carrier setting and SOME lumia devices have it enabled in the wifi settings. I reflashed my 635 with the latest firmware (unbranded) and it's not available. So, can anyone tell me does their 635 support it and if so how?
If not, I can't believe I wasted money on this ######. I'm speechless.

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+John Teacake

Are you sure?

Just curious, Why would you want to? Also why would WLAN settings be a Carrier thing?

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I'm sure yes, if it's available there should be a 'static IP' button in wifi settings - there isn't. I want to because my network is static IP addressing?
I'm not sure if that part is correct or not, on various sites on the net they say it's controlled by the carrier though.

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Off topic, Static IP was a nightmare for me in 640..


In android, I have seen, if I set a static IP, it stays locked to that SSID only, but with my 640 running 8.1 update, that present Static IP stays locked to the phone and for any SSID, it connects with that given settings..



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I dont think you can give any older Lumia a static ip. Well I've got the 635 and 820. Both didn't give you the option of a static ip address


You need a MobileEnterpriseStaticIP runtime so you can execute it. Then you can give it a static ip


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