The best rich Photo editor? :S


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Hey guys im looking for a really really good ok not good but great outstanding photo editing for my Lumia 640. There this one app I use on my ipad mini 2 called Pixelmator its very much like photoshop but it doesn't loose the quality of photos as you edit them. So what im looking for is an app very similar to that if not better for my phone. I look on the store but a lot of them are just camera apps with some editing and im thinking I don't want a secondary camera app I just want an app that I can edit my pics that I took  pics of. :) If anyone knows one that better that would be great. I look at photoshop express but eh even on the ios version that one always managed to loose quality of pics upon editing. But ya if anyone knows of a few price is not a thing to me so if its over a dollar that's fine. For Pixelmator for my ipad mini I paid 10 bucks for that and have no complaints :) Thanks for any help and recommendations :D



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