Firefox 43 X64 and silverlight

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I am unable to watch any Amazon Prime videos from within Firefox, the first time I went to load a movie I had to download Silverlight, which I did, however now when I go to watch anything it just sits in an infinite load, but when I load it into Edge it works just fine. I understand that Edge uses HTML5 and not Silverlight, but I would like to be able to use Firefox as my 100% default browser. I am wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and/or knows how to work around them? Thanks!

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Boo Berry

My guess is that Amazon doesn't support Firefox (yet) for HTML5 playback. And I'm guessing they're dropping the Silverlight support sooner than later.

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Firefox 42 x64 only allowed Flash, Firefox 43 x64 also allows Silverlight (and maybe Java? I hope not though). From the comments in the bug tracker it seems like the issue Is Amazon itself not supporting the 64bit Silverlight plugin (you can also find some temporary solutions on that page).

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