Network PVR?

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+NJ Louch

My mother has an overly complicated wiring system in her home, due to following everyone's advice rather than mine.  As such, she has two Sky+HD boxes, two subscriptions, convoluted cabling...


And what does she watch?  The free to air channels!  OK, so in fairness she does use the Sky+ ability to record Eastenders and Coronationstreet, but after paying out over £50pcm, I feel she is getting crappy return on investment.


Unfortunately, rewiring is not within my controls, but... Once her contract is up, I am going to remove the two Sky+ boxes and replace them with something more akin to a Humax PVR.  However, is there such a device that would allow recording on one (series link style) and playback on the other?



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+NJ Louch

Genuinely surprised by no response.

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