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I am having a problem getting a GUI (preferably Unity via ubuntu-desktop) to install and run on an Acer 3000 (32-bit) laptop.  I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 i386 and tried to install a desktop via sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop.  It results in a bunch of dependencies that won't be installed. I have tried sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade and still no desktop gui.  I have read a posting here that indicates a fix but the package refers to amd64 version  and that will not work on a 32-bit machine.  In reality I use a much faster and powerful machine (Alienware).  The laptop is question is for friend that is not very computer savvy at all.  I am just trying to help this friend end up with usable computer.  Suggestions please.

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How old is the machine? You might try Mint.

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On older machines I would stay away from Ubuntu in general.  I tried Ubuntu Gnome on my old dual core desktop and it ran like a turd.  Debian with Gnome runs much better.  Try a lighter weight distribution like Debian, Mint, Arch, etc. that gives you more control over exactly what gets installed.

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