F1 to start racing with partially closed cockpits in 2017

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Formula One cars will have partially closed cockpits starting in 2017, confirming weeksof rumors about the change. The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile, which runs the popular open-wheel racing series, announced the news today in a statement.

The change will be made as a part of a bigger overhaul of the design of F1 cars scheduled to take place before the 2017 season, which the series does every few years. The new cars won't, however, use the fully closed cockpit or "canopy" design that ittested a few years ago. The cockpits will be partially closed off — though the FIA has yet to decide on a specific design.


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 That bar in the middle would have to be distracting.  Not sure why they would oppose a full cockpit...but even partial is better than what they have now. 

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6 minutes ago, jjkusaf said:

 Not sure why they would oppose a full cockpit...

The big problem has been getting a solution that doesn't slow down the driver getting out of the car, either on their own, or with help. With no side doors on explosive hinges the only way out is through the top, and putting a full canopy over was seen as more of a danger.


The halo should stop large debris hitting the driver, while they can still get themselves out of the car quickly in an emergency.

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