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I used to be pretty good @ pool - mainly 8-ball, a little 9-ball

I dont play as much but would like to as there is a pool table near my office.

I would never bring a personal cue up there, but would like to get a cue & start playing again on the weekends and have some questions, hoping there are some in here that play.

Are the Balabushkas made now any good ?  The originals are usually anywhere from $5000 to $20,000 - a wee bit out of my league... especially if I get drunk @ a pool hall and want to use it like to swordfight my opponent :)
Is there a cue brand that is always mentioned when the topic of "best overall cue" is brought up?
I'd like to stay under $1000... well - I have to stay under $1000 - otherwise my better half might notice and I dont like to explain my spending habits

I used to own a McDermott, and a Meucci Sneaky Pete - they were oK.



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