Molitor in the Hall of Fame

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Hitting star Paul Molitor and reliever Dennis Eckersley were elected to baseball's Hall of Fame on Tuesday in their first year of eligibility.

Molitor was picked on 431 of 506 ballots (85.2 percent) cast by reporters who have been members of the Baseball Writers' Association of America for 10 or more years. Eckersley was selected on 421 ballots (83.2 percent).

To gain election, a player must be chosen by at least 75 percent of the voters (380).

Second baseman Ryne Sandberg was third with 309 votes, 61.1 percent, up from 49.2 last year.

He was followed by Jim Rice (276), Andre Dawson (253), Rich Gossage (206), Lee Smith (185) and Bert Blyleven (179).

Pete Rose, ineligible for the ballot because of his lifetime ban, received 15 write-in votes, three fewer than last year.

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I got a Molitor autograph a few years back at a red sox game.

awesome.. i got his rookie card right before he got 3,000 hits, this should boost the value a bit

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Man, Sandberg not getting in is almost as bad as Santo not being in there. I feel better about Sandberg than I do about Santo since his vote total went up 20% and he'll probably get in next year or the year after. I agree that being a first ballot hall of famer is a very special thing, but how is a player (who is retired and obviously not playing anymore) a better candidate 3 years down the line than when he was first eligible?

What really ticks me off though is the Hall has admitted atleast one notable player on his first ballot who in my opinion is definitely not worthy of that honor.

Career Offensive stats for

Player A: .285 BA, 282 HR, 1061 RBI, 344 SB, 1 NL MVP

Player B: .262 BA, 28 HR, 793 RBI, 580 SB, 1 NLCS MVP

Career Defensice Stats for

Player A: .989 FP, RF of 4.94, 9 Gold Glove Awards

Player B: .978 FP, RF of 5.03, 13 Gold Glove Awards

Now the way I see it, Player A and B are fairly similar defensively. GG aside, their numbers are within a reasonable limits of each other. However, defense alone shouldn't get you into the HOF and when comparing offensive numbers Player A has a decided advantage. Make guesses as to who the players are (though they'll probably be fairly obvious to some people) and you'll see why Sandberg shouldn't have to wait. Now, Ron Santo is another topic all together.


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