Cannot output analog video to TV from receiver; sound is ok

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I recently had the chance to rewire my receiver (Denon AVR 789).  It's a few years old but it gets the job done.


I have run into an issue, though, outputting the signal from my SNES and N64.  Obviously they only have composite output, which I connected to the corresponding inputs on the receiver.  I made sure that no inputs overlap.  


When I switch to the designated input of the SNES or N64 I get sound but no video.  If I switch the video settings around I can keep the sound, but get the video from another device. However, telling the receiver to use the video for its input, from those two devices, doesn't do anything.  I also made sure that the receiver knows those inputs are analog.


The connections are like this:


(name:device:input type)

DVD: Xbox One: HDMI

HDP: Wii: Component

VCR: N64: Composite

TV/CBL: SNES: Composite






I also tried plugging into the V.AUX input at the front of the receiver, per the manual which says do this for 'game consoles and video recorders', same results.  The manual didn't specify to use an analog out, and I wouldn't be keen on doing that because it would defeat the point of having the receiver (to have to change the input there and on the TV).  I've read that receivers can't output analog video as digital, which would be a shame and (again) defeat the purpose of the receiver.


Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I'm very keen on the 'one device to the rule them all' concept.




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This is just a guess as I have no idea how old your receiver is but some early HDMI receivers did not convert analog video to HDMI output, you needed to have an analog out to TV for the video to work (component should still convert to 480p).  My Onkyo and now Pioneer have no issues converting analog to digital but they were only 2-3 years old.  I would just try and hook up the analog out just to see if that is the problem.


Edit -

7.1 Receiver with plenty of power.
3 HDMI Inputs
1 HDMI output
Up conversion of all analog video to HDMI.


So the above review comment says it does convert, so I am thinking you just have something hooked up incorrectly.


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I'm looking at the manual (link) and it mentions a video conversion setting on page 35 but it doesn't say exactly where in the menu it is.


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Thanks for the input!

I have scoured the information from the manual and other sites and still can't resolve my issue. Everyone says it upconverts and nobody mentions that it doesn't work.  The only note I could find was in the manual suggesting that some game consoles are special and don't ouput video in a way that the receiver likes, which is odd since my TV likes the inputs just fine.

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