Citreon C2 2004 - Fitting a new stereo


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My wife has a Citreon C2 and the stereo only supports FM. She'd like to buy a replacement stereo, one that supports AUX, USB and Bluetooth preferably. Now, I know I can go to Halfords or somewhere similar to get one, but they charge a fortune. Plus, my sister actually gave me her old stereo from her old car. I'd like to know how to fit this, if it is possible and not too expensive! I have the Sony CDX-G1000U stereo, and that's it. I have no cables or adapters.


1) I understand that I'd need a caddy/harness or something so that the stereo stays secure in the slot (as the Sony stereo is actually smaller than the slot)

2) I believe I'd also need an ISO converter cable to convert the Citreon connectors to generic adapters so the Citroen's speakers can connect to the Sony stereo

3)  Would the Citroen's steering wheel controls work with the new stereo?


If it is possible, where can I get the items I need? (I'm based in the UK)



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Share on other sites probably will have what you need.


You will need a vehicle harness (to make life easier...what you are calling an ISO converter)


Not all stereo's support steering wheel maybe.


also maybe these guys???


These guys seem to have what you need..could probably call them to get the exact parts.



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