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Xbox Project Scorpio more than GPS to turn 4K games

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ACTIONpack    491

Been watching videos and articles on how Project Scorpio is not powerful enough to run 4K games with 6Tflops when the GTX 1080 can hardly do 4K@30fps with 9Tflops. Some say it will upscale from 1440p to 2160p (4K) to get around this. I think with DX12 which does a lot better job with GPS rendering and special 4K rendering hardware to output the gaming with not only GPS doing most of the work. Almost like having a encoder for video but letting the special hardware doing the heavy load of the graphics, it would make sense having a special 4k hardware helping the output and rendering of the 3D  graphics so the GPU does not try to do all the work like at one time the CPU would do most of the work. It's seem like it would be a good work around to get 4k gaming off the ground without waiting for a GPS that can handle all the work.

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George P    6,096

People forget that while these consoles are using x86 arch and so on, they're still not setup like a PC, so a direct scorpio vs GeForce 1080 for 4k gaming isn't going to be apples to apples.


There's always other factors, bottlenecks here and there, and teraflops aside, it's all about the systems as a hole.    The RAM speed, the bus speeds, how fast the CPU can talk to the GPU and vice versa.  I'm pretty sure there's going to be custom bits in there, just like how there is in the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, so we're not looking at the same type of GPU you'll see in your PC video cards.


There's also other ways to hit 4k (2160p) on console, many of the 1080 tests for 4k have the graphics options set to max/ultra.  The console versions can have the graphics tweaked in a number of ways so that you can hit 4k 60fps or very close to it, it's something the developers have to work on.

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