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Require some assistance from mobile web programmer



I have been struggling to figure out a way to get an image fit on one side of the screen to the other and perhaps a knowledgeable programmer could give some advice.

We have this mobile site http://m.kleinerts.com/Shop. 

If you look at it on your phone you will see Sweat & Odor Solutions and below a grey banner that transitions into another picture. There are only two picture total in this and below that are two grey rectangles for Free USA Shipping and Click To Call.

They should be centered perfectly on your phone but what the owners want is for the all 3 of these to reach the edges of both sides of the screen. I have tried all types of .css code with no luck. 

Personally I think it looks fine as is but I can understand having it fit to the edges. I would appreciate any input that can be offered. In Chrome I can inspect while using a emulator and there I tried different markup but nothing so far.


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404 error in desktop Firefox.


Changing window size yields odd non-responsive feel so something is wrong with the basic template.


You haven't mentioned which mobile device you are targeting and if you are packaging it in a wrapper like Apache Cordova etc.


So all I can say is that if it works like crap in a desktop browser, getting mobile working will be just that much harder than it needs to be. Get it smooth on the desk first.


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Thanks for replying. This site was created in word press and was only done for mobile in mind not desktop. I can see it fine in iphone and Samsung Galaxy, etc,

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On 6/29/2016 at 4:34 PM, flynempire said:

Thanks for replying. This site was created in word press and was only done for mobile in mind not desktop. I can see it fine in iphone and Samsung Galaxy, etc,

Well I think that is a backwards overly difficult approach but to each his own.


If you start with a responsive template your issue becomes easy to debug on the desktop and if the template is well designed the mobile should just work with very little adjustment. Even if you never deploy the website to a desktop audience, this approach is less work and easier to work with. One of the many reasons everyone has switched to responsive websites in the last few years.


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