Poor Aussies. Beer wenches banned from cricket.

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Taken from http://www.news.com.au/common/story_page/0...3^28097,00.html

A dancing wench's lament

By Shaun Phillips

January 9, 2004

EXOTIC dancer Cherri fetches brews at the cricket, and she can't understand what's causing all the froth and bubble.

Dancer Cherri, a regular beer wench, doesn't know what all the froth and bubble is about / Craig Wood

The seasoned "beer wench" won't be able to make today's Australia v India day-night match at the MCG, but others will be on duty.

The beer wenches were brought into focus during this week's Sydney Test, when four women were thrown out of the SCG.

The women, paid to dress sexily and skip to the bar by groups in the outer, were ejected for supplying drinks to inebriated clients.

Victorian authorities confirmed similar laws were in place here, and carried a $2000 fine.

Cherri, 26, said she would not get beers for anyone who was drunk.

"I know all about responsible serving of alcohol and the trouble that not doing the right thing can bring," she said.

Cherri said she dressed provocatively - "elegant but sexy, not stripper gear" - for a cricket gig, and her presence usually promoted a sense of fun in the crowd.

"It's pretty friendly and respectful, because everybody's there for a good time," she said.

Simply Irresistible's Dannii Leask said she had three women booked for groups at the cricket tomorrow. The going rate is about $55 an hour.

Cricket Victoria chief executive Ken Jacobs said there was nothing to stop cricket patrons employing beer wenches "provided they don't break the laws regarding safe serving of alcohol".


I never knew Aussies ever became "inebriated".

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lol, i'd like to get my leg between her wickets :p

you mean "before" her wickets, right??? :p ;)

Optical illusion

If you look really close you can see a woman actually HOLDING the beers

Actually if you keep staring at the mugs in her hand, you can see the "jugs" behind it!! :D :laugh:

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Optical illusion

If you look really close you can see a woman actually HOLDING the beers :p

actually for me it was the opposite.. I was like "beers? what beers?" and had to look for a while. Finally saw em :)

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One thing's for sure ..... no way that lady's 26. She's gotta be at least, at least 32. Good looking, but not 26!! :o :D

and how may i know that you know that, sir? :huh: :shifty: ;)

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Look at her hands. Those are the seasoned hands of a middle-aged woman, not a mid-twenty year old. But, mind you, she's still good looking.

Sorry but most of us didn't care about the hand, there are just some other ... parts ... that we looked at. The beer for example. :whistle:

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