Lumia 640 LTE strange camera behavior

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Ever since yesterday, my 640 has been acting strange in regards to switching between capturing photos / capturing videos. Before, it would switch seamlessly between video and camera, with no difference other than the change of on screen UI. Now, whenever I switch to taking video, the exposure is much lower, yet if I switch back to taking photos, the exposure is normal.


I've tried it in both Lumia Camera and Microsoft Camera, and it's happening in both. It happened in neither before. 

I've tried soft resetting the phone, uninstalling the Lumia Camera app, soft resetting and then reinstalling the app to no avail. 


What causes this behavior and is there any way to fix it? 


L.E: All settings are default, exposure / white balance / ISO, etc - set to automatic. 

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      Latest update for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE adds Galaxy S21 camera features
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      The latest software update for the Galaxy S20 FE 5G, which includes the G781BXXU2CUC6 firmware is currently rolling out in a few European countries, and brings with it a few additional camera features to complement those added with the One UI 3.1 update that rolled out earlier this year.

      The new update brings a couple of camera features previously exclusive to the Galaxy S21 series of phones. The Galaxy S20 FE 5G has received new effects in the Portrait mode along with the ability to use the ultra-wide camera in the Pro mode. However, the phone will still not be able to capture portrait images in low-light conditions, and Director’s View remains a Galaxy S21 exclusive feature. It is also still not possible to choose the highest possible exposure time in the Night mode.

      The update appears to be staggered, as it is reportedly not arriving on the LTE version of the Galaxy S20 FE just yet. However, if you are a Galaxy S20 FE 5G user in Europe, you can check for the latest update by navigating to Settings » Software update and tapping on Download and install.

      According to SamMobile, the update is being rolled out in Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, the Baltic region, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and the Nordic region. The update will be released in other markets and for the Galaxy S20 FE LTE over the next few days.

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      Samsung's ISOCELL 2.0 technology brings better light sensitivity to cameras
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      Samsung's ISOCELL technology has been part of many of its smartphone cameras in recent years. It's a pixel separation technology that helps separate different colored pixels by placing barriers between the different color filters on the sensor, preventing colors from one pixel from affecting the pixels around it and resulting in more color fidelity. Today, Samsung shed some light on its ISOCELL 2.0 technology (via Android Authority), which aims to improve light sensitivity compared to previous generations of ISOCELL.

      In its first generation, ISOCELL used metal barriers to separate the different color filters, which prevented colors from bleeding over, but also absorbed a portion of the incoming light, meaning each pixel would be less vivid. This was first improved with ISOCELL Plus, which replaced part of the metal grid with a new, more reflective material. Now, with ISOCELL 2.0, the lower portion of that barrier has also been replaced by this material, making it so that even more light gets through to the sensor, thus producing more vivid colors.

      As noted in the video above, this is especially helpful for small pixels, which have become more and more prominent as cameras start at resolutions of over 100MP. With each pixel absorbing more light, that means that more detailed images can be created thanks to the higher resolution, while also having more vivid colors for each of the pixels.

      ISOCELL 2.0 technology was already mentioned last year when Samsung introduced an array of ISOCELL-based sensors. The company said that it would start adopting ISOCELL 2.0 in sensors in late 2020, as is the case with the ISOCELL GM5.

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      'Hey Google' on Wear OS has been broken for months, but a fix is finally in the works
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      Wear OS is Google's platform for wearables, and actually only one of the two which supports Google Assistant functionality. The other one being Fitbit, which Google now owns too. While many claim that the firm neglects Wear OS, the platform does receive updates from time to time. However, a new report now claims that the "Hey Google" functionality has been broken on the operating system for several months, with Google only now starting to work on a fix.

      9to5Google has cited multiple Reddit and Google Issue Tracker threads which indicate that the "Hey Google" and "OK Google" functionalities are broken on Wear OS. These voice commands are used to immediately trigger Google Assistant and enable ease of access rather than having to physically interact with the wearable.

      To be fair, Google Assistant still works but now users have to manually fidget with their device's physical or on-screen controls in order to immediately trigger it. This arguably defeats much of the purpose of having a voice-controlled assistant on your smartwatch.

      The good piece of news is that Google has finally acknowledged the flaw and confirmed that it is working on a fix. In a statement to The Verge, the company indicated that it is "aware of the issues some users have been encountering" and will assist partners and OEMs in fixing the problem. It remains to be seen how long Google will take to resolve the issue, but having a major bug on Wear OS for months and not acknowledging it until widespread backlash certainly does not instill confidence in the operating system.

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      Samsung announces 50MP ISOCELL GN2 camera sensor with Dual Pixel Pro
      by Rajesh Pandey

      Samsung today announced its latest ISOCELL camera sensor, the ISOCELL GN2. This 50MP camera sensor features large 1.4um-sized pixels and comes with a number of new features including Dual Pixel Pro, staggered HDR, Smart ISO Pro, and more. This is the second iteration of the 50MP ISOCELL GN1 sensor from Samsung that made its debut last year.

      Measuring 1/1.12-inch, the 50MP ISOCELL GN2 sensor can use pixel binning technology in low-light scenarios to mimic the performance of 2.8um large pixels and absorb more light to capture more details. The sensor also offers an option to capture images in 100Mp resolution by using a technology in which the color pixels are re-arranged using a re-mosaic algorithm.

      The GN2 is also Samsung's first camera sensor to feature Dual Pixel Pro that uses one hundred million phase detecting agents for ultra-fast autofocus speeds. It also offers all-direction focusing as it splits the pixels vertically as well as horizontally. This helps in low-light focusing as well..

      Another notable feature of the sensor is Smart ISO Pro which "uses an intra-scene dual conversion gain (iDCG) solution, takes readouts from both high and low ISO to instantly create high dynamic range images with less motion-artifacts." The ISOCELL GN2 sensor is capable of recording 1080p videos at 480fps and 4K videos at 120fps.

      Samsung says the 50MP ISOCELL GN2 sensor is already in mass production, though it does not mention when it will make its debut in consumer smartphones.

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