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You're Holding It Wrong!



"You're Holding It Wrong!" is a classic example of not wanting to admit something is not quite right despite lots of evidence right in front of your face.


This is perhaps more common in the world of Web Design and Programming than anywhere else outside of Politics.


Maybe you have some examples or personal stories to share.


Or, maybe, like myself you are curious as to why this happens in a field that is part of Computer Science. Science is all about testing an idea to see if a good hypothesis holds any water. In the WebDev world, anything that seems logical can viral spread into a Meme that soon becomes the "everybody knows" assumption of the next generation of developers.


Example 1: Developing a software application by gluing together HTML, CSS, Javascript interpreted by a Browser while loading bits n pieces of itself via HTTP to a Web Server. So the crazy conglomeration is Turing Complete and can yield a functioning application of some sort in the most backwards manner yet devised for making computer programs. But just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD do something. Where it really gets weird is when a lot of people that started out in the web development field and that is 100% of what they know about somehow become influential and propose that everyone should standardize on the Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Hole of HTML5. Somebody, somewhere is Holding it Wrong!




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