My Lumia 950 XL experience

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So the other day the official MS resellers here were offering 950 at half price with the display dock. So I brought my very first smart phone ever, I having been a person who has thus far refused the luxury of using a mobile phone.


My first hand experience was ok, the phone felt very cheap but at half price it was a very good bargain. Anyone Windows mobile said that the Anniversary Update was ready for my phone wanted me to select the time to update. Which I did. Now today when I turn the phone on, the boot screen comes up and thereafter shows some gears and then the black sad Lumia. Luckily the phone has a one year warranty period, but still my experience has been terrible.


Anyway any suggestions welcome.

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Try for a refund and get a OnePlus or Nexus device. Windows Mobile is circling the drain and it's doubtful MS will be able to pull it back out.

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