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Hello all. I have tried Linux off and on over the years. With Microsoft's move to windows as a service, I really want to make the leap. I primarily use my computer for surfing the web and playing video games. I last tried Linux mint with the cinnamon desktop. I found it very frustrating to setup. I have another computer that I use to host an smb share and it took me for ever to find the information on how to get Linux to see it on the desktop. There was a lot of out of date information spread across multiple websites. I was amazed there was not a GUI to do this but that you have to manually edit a text file.


I guess that is the main problem I am having with trying to move to Linux, there seems to be no real easy way to alter settings or change things with out digging into the internals.


Is there a distro that provides a more user friendly way of altering settings and features?

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You're trying to use SMB share feature with GUI, although, I prefer command line interface for managing SMB or any other service in Linux, but I believe, Fedora Linux have a great Gui interface for SMB sharing.  try latest Fedora or SUSE, or keep trying until you found your desired destro. 

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If you want a gui for stuff, take a look at webmin.  Many of the settings can be done via its ui.  Which can make it easier..

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I used to run Mint, but I switched to Ubuntu because I actually like Unity. However, as far as I know, both Nemo and Nautilus are available for Mint. If you launch Nemo, you go to File / Connect to Server / put your sever name in / change drop down to Windows share / click connect.


When you open Nautilus, there is a link in the right pane: "Connect to Server". For server address type: smb://server_name/share_name


-- Brian

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