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Can't back up apps from iPhone / transfer them to PC

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Technique    41

With my iPhone, all my apps are stored in [\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications]
When i open iTunes with my iPhone plugged in, when i click the iPhone icon at the top & under "Settings" i click "Apps" on the left hand side, there is all of my apps listed in the right hand pane.

All good.

My wife has just picked up an iPhone 6S to replace her older iPhone. She never backed her phone up ever really. So i fired up the laptop (so as to not mix it with all my apps on my PC) & clicked backup, i tried clicking sync, i logged in to her account & went File>Devices>Transfer Purchases From.

And in \Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications there is still none of her apps.
Also when i open iTunes with her phone connected & select apps on the left pane - none of her apps are listed in the right pane.

When i locate the backup file here [\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup] the size of the file is really quite small - only like 1.something GB in size whereas her iPhone is the 16GB capacity one & it only has about 700mb left of free space.

I'm not convinced this is being backed up properly (in order to start up her new phone as an exact copy of her current phone).

How to fix?

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Circaflex    3,611

Have you tried doing a manual backup in itunes, rather than "sync?"

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