[Tennis] Agassi defends anti-doping program

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MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) -- Andre Agassi says tennis is a leader in the fight against drugs in sports and that he'd been tested 13 times in the past 12 months.

Agassi, an eight-time Grand Slam champion, will begin the defense of his Australian Open title next week in Melbourne. The season-opening major has been overshadowed by a drug scandal involving Canadian-born British player Greg Rusedski.

"One of the things we can say is that our sport is the leading -- or one of the leading -- in drug testing," Agassi said Tuesday.

Agassi said that the ATP Tour's drug testing policy assures him that none of the players are using performance-enhancing drugs.

"I have full confidence I am playing someone who is clean," he said.

Top-ranked Andy Roddick said he'd been tested at least 17 times in 2003.

Rusedski announced last week he tested positive for the steroid nandrolone in July, but vowed to prove his innocence at a Feb. 9 hearing in Montreal.

Rusedski insisted any traces of nandrolone from a doping sample taken July 23 in Indianapolis must have come from supplements he received from ATP trainers.

The ATP ordered its trainers to stop dispensing supplements or vitamins to players last May because it couldn't prove that those supplements didn't contain traces of banned substances.

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