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14 minutes ago, warwagon said:

Thanks, I go to a little bit more work than Victor Rambo. I think he just takes the head and plops it on the photo lol. If you give me a straight on faceshot, I can attempt to work my magic on it.

if you make a gif with @Mando then you will go head to head for the oficial neowin gif comedian with @Victor Rambo


@LimeMaster do you have the link for victor rambo compilation?

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11 minutes ago, Draconian Guppy said:

Thank you dearest citric brother


@warwagon this is what you need to top! some gifs are pretty awesomesauce


also, never knew @LimeMaster one could subdomain on imgur!

The subdomain only shows up for people who allow other people to browse their albums.

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