[Baseball] Ponson gets three-year, 22.5M deal

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Sidney Ponson is returning to the Baltimore Orioles, who traded the right-hander last July in the midst of his finest major league season.

Ponson and the Orioles agreed on a $22.5 million, three-year contract Wednesday. It's $1.5 million more than the offer from Baltimore that he rejected shortly before the team dealt Ponson to the San Francisco Giants.

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one met the dude when he was not in de MLB.. i'm glad for him.

guy grew up on aruba. parents were not that rich.. my mom used to know or knows his parents. hell this guys father used to be a referee for volleyball (if im not mistaken).. always nice to see ppl make it :yes:

i think i should go play baseball now :ninja: :shifty: :rofl:

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Yeah, that really sucks for the Giants. The Orioles made out pretty well player wise since they got Ponson back and got Ainsworth (I think) who was a highly touted Giants pitching prospect. I guess that's the risk the Giants were willing to take.

Kinda makes you wonder if they had a *wink* *wink* thing going on where the Orioles management said "Hey we'll give you this money, but since our season's a wash anyway we'll ship you to San Fran and just re-sign you in the offseason. That way we can get players back and the team will be that much better when we go into next season."

I always wondered why some teams didn't try to do that more often (though I'm sure if it happened alot it would be investigated like it was nobody's business)

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