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Question about Hauppauge Xbox One Digital TV Tuner with an amplified antenna

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I have the Hauppauge Xbox One Digital TV tuner. Works great, mostly. 

I can't get my amplified antenna to work with the tuner.  As in, when the antennae is plugged directly into the tuner, it works.  When it has the amp in the way, it doesn't work and I get no signal.

I've seen that the tuner, in the past, was bundled with the Mohu Leaf 50 antenna, which is amplified, so I'm taking that as a sign that is *should* work; but in my case, nil.

When the antenna is plugged directly into my TV with the amp, it works fine.


Does anyone have any experience or insights about this? I'm in an urban area and my signal ranges from 'good' to 'very weak' depending on weather and such. When plugged directly into the TV with the amp the signal is better than when it's plugged into the Xbox without the amp.




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