How to Miracast without Continuum


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The other day we wanted to see a video that we got by e-mail on the TV with the entire family, so I figured since I was sitting on the couch, had the email on my phone with the video almost entirely downloaded, a miracast dongle in the TV... Well let's just stream the thing. I used to do that with other windows tools like the surface pro 3 I have or... if I recall correctly, my mom's lumia 640 on win8 ? Anyway so I tried to do that with my lumia 950 on W10.


The thing is it started the continuum mode, with a windows desktop UI on my TV, and an unpractical (imo) touch zone on my phone, kind of like a trackpad on laptops. As much as the feature is neat, is there a way to just mirror my phone screen on the TV, like old times ? I couldn't find it then.

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