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Cant decide what web framework or technology for my site.



Hello. I want to build a new site and I cant decide on the web framework that I want to use.


Basically I am looking throw a site that is fast, responsive, using all technology like HTML5,CSS and JavaScript. Database driven with MySQL, I may use two database engines if needed like (MySQL + MongoDb). Mobile case, I need it to be ready for the communication (Restful I guess) path to the smart phones IPhone, Android or anything new in the future.


WordPress is good for the above? I know that it works with MySQL, but I add MongoDb if needed? // I heard the WordPress is easy to learn.

Will Java web framework do this for me? Spring.io? // I heard it is harder than WordPress.


So Far, I am reviewing again how to HTML, CSS and Database driven.


I will be using Linux Servers for this.


This is very important as I don't want to be limited in the future.


Please advice me. And thank you.

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You can integrate MongoDb with wordpress and they have tools to do it. However in a general sense wordpress is just a tool.. You can use wordpress and integrate functionality directly into wordpress... Or you can simply build that functionality around wordpress to serve those specific needs. Wordpress imo would be a fine option for you and shouldnt hold you back in any way.. and depending on your skill level i think wordpress may be an invaluable tool for you. 

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Wordpress is a CMS, not a Web Framework.


React.js (with Redux) would be the Web Framework to use client side in terms of likely to be around forever at this point.


For the server side, there is Node.js, ASP.NET and basically whatever can implement an API for your React/Javascript code to access.


Once you have all that selected, then you can select a compatible CMS (if you need one) that is aligned to the Frameworks being used.


Or you can just start with Wordpress and some Wordpress Templates and plug-ins and worry about understanding web tech some other decade...


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