The possible ways for FOSS.

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Let's make FOSS the best.

No top secret, many FOSS projects have been severely struggled to gain sufficient funds. I'd like to share some thoughts to mend the aforementioned trouble.




This scheme allows users to use open source for free or they can join to some kind of  games to gain bonuses (money/tours/discounts/..).



Users have to make/do something valuable to get needful apps (as binary pkgs or open source) + access to support.


1st method of contribution is torrents:

such networks could be used for..

1. online drives.

2. search engines.

3. web hosts.

4. online compilers.

5. distributed calculations.

6. sandboxes.



1. Focus groups to test solutions.

2. Call centers at forums/chats/phones.

3. ad/edu/social-rolling campaigns. 


Hardware-based algorithms:

It's rather costly thing, but will be highly interested for groups of users, where performance is very kin to king.

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