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DJI throttles its drones unless you register them

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Jim K    14,199

You might not have to register your drones through the Federal Aviation Administration anymore, but if your flyer of choice is a DJI model, you'll have to activate it online, or take a hit in flight range and functionality. The company is adding a new application activation process, tied to a firmware update for its family of drones. It'll come into effect at the end of this week, and is aimed at ensuring pilots use "the correct set of geospatial information and flight functions for your aircraft", determined by your location and user profile.


The activation process will require users to connect to the internet through DJI's app, to verify your account and activate the update. And if you don't? Your drone won't be able to access the geospatial info and flight functions, camera streaming will be disabled and flight range will be curtailed to a 164-foot radius, up to 98 feet high. These rules will apply to all of DJI's "aircraft" running the latest firmware, whether you own a Phantom 4 or one of its cheaper drones. It's the company's attempt to curtail legal and trespassing issues that come into play when people can send flying robots pretty much anywhere.




Full article at Engadget

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