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Just went back to 2K Pro. I found XP to be slow, unresponsive and not compatable with many appz especially printing to Acrobat Distiller. All Office XP progz loaded slowly and responded poorly. Just my observation folks!

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Well what sort of pC you got ? I have heard mixed responses from people. Some say its great some says its a resource hog.

Min : 512 MB Ram, 1 GHZ Pro n 10 GB HD

thats what i would recommend a user running XP to have.

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I'm runnin 1.2ghz t-bird with 512mb DDR... It's the fastest OS I've ever used, it blew win2k out of the water. :)

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I have been using XP since beta2, and through rc1 and rc2, and find it a lot more stable and usable than Win2k, which I had on since upgrading from win98.

My hardware, Celery 400, 256mb memory, Voodoo3-2000, 40gb 5400, so nothing special hardware wise, and although I've turned off some of the fancy visual effects (as my graphics card is a tad slow :( ), the machine is faster and more responsive than my win98 and win2k sessions, which I actually do not even go into anymore.

I've kept a little log of reboots on my pc, due to software requiring it or problems, since installing beta2 i've rebooted a grand total of a dozen times, including those reboots to install the os upgrades to the newest version of XP, and install software like my cd-rw and other essential software.

Overall I am extremly happy with XP, I have 8 users accounts on my XP box, and everyone who uses my box, is extremly happy with the speed and improved reliability over Win98 and Win2k.

I have not tried the "DevilsOwn" corp release, as believe it or not RC2 is doing my job at present, no problems that I can think off.

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XP worked fine on a P200 MMX with 128MB EDO-RAM..serious

it was a bit slow at starting up and dragging windows tho...

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It works very well on my Pentium 4 1.3Ghz with 256Mb RAM :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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20GB Maxtor ( which might be a problem)

Like I said...just my opinion

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My specs are

500 Mhz PIII

128MB SDRam

20 GB Maxtor

40 GB Western Digital

3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 AGP

3com nic.

Creative Soundblaster Live. X-Gamer 5.1

thats all. kind of old but hey i love it.

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I know what you mean... This is a bit slower than win2k... at least when using the new GUI's... It may run faster if you switch to the classic GUI... It could definately use some improvements in speed... It's not too bad... at least not bad enough to make me switch back to win2k. I love XP, and will continue to use it. :-)

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700 - 256RAM - TNT2 (12.90 drivers)

Plenty fast enough. The ONLY thing that bugs me about WinXP is on bootup it waits for like 5-10 seconds before being "totally" booted up. During this time I can access the internet and start menu and My Computer, but no taskbar items will load up like Norton AntiVirus and Windows Messenger. But seeing as I leave my computer on for like a week without restarting it really isn't a major problem.

As for speed IN the OS when I upgraded the ****ty Nvidia drivers to the 12.90 drivers all my performance problems were sorted out. :)

PS - I just converted my main partition over to NTFS and now I have full security and can compress folders that I don't use of that are bloated with really huge files. Having to go into the command prompt to convert to NTFS is WAY over the top and will put off most users. :(


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